♣♣Thank you to everyone who came out to make this our biggest tournament since 2020, including one of our biggest Sunday turnouts going back to 2017!♣♣

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Friday Morning 749er pairs: Rita Gladstone and Keith Johnson

Friday Morning Open pairs: Donna Simpson and John Lloyd

Friday Afternoon 749er pairs: Gina Davanzo and Melanie Appelbaum

Friday Afternoon Open pairs: Sandy and Rich DeMartino


Left to right: Rita Gladstone, Keith Johnson, John Lloyd, Gina Davanzo, Melanie Appelbaum, Rich and Sandy DeMartino

Saturday Morning 749er pairs: Gayle Stevens and Rick Seaburg

Saturday Morning Open Pairs: Rosemary Benedict and Howard Cohen

Saturday Afternoon 749 Pairs: Gayle Stevens and Rick Seaburg

Saturday Afternoon Open Pairs: Jeff Goldman and Rich DeMartino

Left to right: Rick Seaburg, Gayle Stevens, Rosemary Benedict, Jeff Goldman

Sunday Open Swiss Teams: Tom Joyce, Peter Katz, Frank Blachowski, Yeong-Long Shiue

Sunday Morning 749er Pairs: David Lewis and Christopher Jobin

Sunday Afternoon 749er Pairs: Shashank Srinivasamurthy and Shekhar Rao



Left to right: Peter Katz, Tom Joyce, Frank Blachowski, Yong-Leong Shiue, David Lewis, Christopher Jobin, Shekhar Rao, Shashank Srinivasamurthy

Full results for Friday through Sunday available here.

Award Presentations

2020 Barbara Shaw Trophy winner Ken Steele presents the 2023 Barbara Shaw Trophy to Kriszta and John Venczel.

Nadim Matta, Joel Kabak and Debbie Prince are recognized as Unit Mini-McKenney winners in the 20-50 , 100-200, and 200-300 Masterpoint categories.

Howard Twersky and Linda Starr are recognized as the Unit Ace of Clubs winner in the 500-1000 and 2500-3500 Masterpoint categories. Bill Segraves is recognized as Unit Mini-McKenney winner in the 500-1000 Masterpoint category.


Laura Twersky, Tom Joyce and Sandy DeMartino are recognized as the Unit Ace of Clubs and Mini McKenney winners in the 1000-1500, 5000-7500 and 7500-10,000 Masterpoint categories.

St. Patrick's Themed Attire Awards


John Lloyd's green shirt and spiffy green hat also earned him best St Patrick's-themed attire for Friday.


As for Saturday's best attired, need we say more?

The Hostess with the Mostest

Thanks so much to Stacy Herbert, who took such great care of us all weekend!

News and Views

First time partnership? Try first tournament for Ronald Murray (left) and first time playing face-to-face for Ron Burghoff (right)!

Another first tournament, for Philip Galanes (left) with new partner Mike Harfenist.

First tournament in Connecticut for Mary Evenson (right), with new partner and friend, Stacy Herbert (left). Welcome to Connecticut, Mary!

 Sunday Swiss second place team Xiao, left to right: Eric, Victor and Jeff Xiao, Jeff Goldman?


A few more smiling faces. More photos to come!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with running the tournament, to beautiful St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church for hosting us, to Director Rob Neuhart, to Sally Kirtley and to super caddy-sub Yu!  Good night, all! See you in Connecticut's great clubs and in Stamford in August!