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Jeff Goldman and partner run away with the 0-10,000 IMP Pairs in Atlanta. Congratulations, Jeff!

Congratulations to the winners at the CBA Fall Sectional in Orange and thank you to everyone who played and to everyone who pitched in to make it a success!

Results may be found here. Photos to follow!


Winners and photos from the CBA Summer Sectional in Orange below.



Left to right: Kriszta and John Venczel, Janice Bazzani and Debbie Prince, Trevor Reeves and Eric Vogel

Left to right: Jill Marshall and Rob Rebelein, Sol Field and Linda Green

Left to right: Avery Silverstein, Bill Segraves, Jordan Winick, Paul Proulx


Friday morning Open Pairs - Trevor Reeves and Eric Vogel

Friday morning 499er Pairs - Debbie Prince and Janice Bazzani

Friday afternoon Open Pairs - Solomon Field and Linda Green

Friday afternoon 499er Pairs - Ursula Compton and Janet Duffy

Saturday morning Open Pairs - Rob Rebelein and Jill Marshall

Saturday morning 499er Pairs - Kriszta and John Venczel

Saturday afternoon Open Pairs - Rob Rebelein and Jill Marshall

Saturday afternoon 499er Pairs - Ursula Compton and John Greenberg

Sunday Open Swiss Teams - Avery Silverstein, Bill Segraves, Jordan Winick and Paul Proulx

Full results are available here. A tournament report with photos will follow.





President's Message

My name is Peter Marcus and I am honored to have been elected as President of the Connecticut Bridge Association. I plan to write regular “President Messages” and welcome comments from Connecticut players on topics that you would like to see me address.

First, I would like to thank Frances Schneider for her incredible service and dedication to the CBA. She was elected to a two-year term as President before COVID and continued long past that to ensure continuity and excellence through the COVID crisis. In addition, I would like to thank all the members of the CBA Board, those who are now moving on, those who are staying, and the new ones coming on, as well as the many other volunteers who have kept the Connecticut bridge ship afloat in the last three years.

By way of introduction, I moved to Connecticut in 1973 when I attended Wesleyan University. That is where I learned to play bridge. Quickly realizing that I would never be a great player, I decided to enjoy the game of bridge as a director, starting at a club in Southington in 1977 and then becoming an ACBL Tournament Director. I worked for the ACBL for 36 years, rising to the level of Associate National Director and, while I am no longer an ACBL employee, I am still the DIC (Director in Charge) for New England regionals (long story).

I directed my first Connecticut sectional in September 1982 in New London and was the DIC for almost all Connecticut sectionals until about 2001, when my wife and I moved from Bolton to London. Since then, we have lived in many places, including Dallas and Boston. Last year we moved back to Stamford. My main, in fact only, interests, other than family, are my very spoiled Golden Retriever, Kismet, bridge and the New York Mets. I am not a fan of the Mets. I am a Mets psychopath (in a good way) and have attended every Mets home game since August 29, 2013, totaling 663 in a row as of the end of this season.

I am very proud of my bridge experience and believe I can use it to benefit bridge in this state. As a director and in other roles, I have lots of bridge administration experience and know ACBL rules and procedures inside-out. Hopefully, I can use this to help bring bridge in Connecticut out of the COVID pandemic era and begin the long climb back to the vibrant community we had before COVID.

I welcome all feedback about any bridge issue, whether that be praise or complaint. You can email me at any time at Except in strange circumstances, I read my email continuously almost every day; so, a reply, at least an acknowledgement, should come very quickly. I cannot promise I will be able to answer every question, and the ones I can answer, I can’t promise to provide an answer you will agree with. I do promise, however, to give you the best answer I can based on my many years of bridge experience and knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you at the tables.

Sectional News

The Connecticut Bridge Association Fall Sectional will be held October 27-29 in Orange, CT.

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Play one session free in your first Sectional. Join the ACBL and get another free play.

Sectional, STaC and Regional Results

All of these are available via the ACBL Live section of the ACBL website. Recent sectional reports may also be found under the Results tab. 

Beginning in 2018, New England regionals, Connecticut sectionals, and unit-wide games are stratified based on AVERAGE masterpoints.

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The Kibitzer

The Kibitzer  Volume 21, Number 10 is available. Check out your favorite correspondents!

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The Kibitzer is the newsletter of the Connecticut Bridge Association.  It contains interesting articles on a wide variety of bridge-related subjects, as well as the results of Sectional tournaments and special games. We hope you will enjoy the articles and other information contained in it. If you have any comments, or wish to contribute an article, please contact The Kibitzer Editor, Robin Sanders.

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