The 2023 Barb Shaw Trophy Is Awarded to Kristzta and John Venczel. Congratulations to the Venczels and to all of our top masterpoint winners in Connecticut's 2023 I/N Sectionals.

Kriszta Venczel, John Venczel, Jack Miller, Dave Bykowski,

Paul Johnson, Rick Seaburg, Gayle Stevens, Nadim Matta, Marie-José Babouder Matta

Justin Young, Daniel Koepf, Doug Eitelman

Top Masterpoint Winners in Connecticut's 2023 I/N Sectionals

Kriszta Venczel  8.38

John Venczel  8.38

Jack Miller  7.78

Dave Bykowski  6.20

Paul Johnson  5.57

Rick Seaburg  5.28

Marie-José Babouder Matta 4.70

Nadim Matta  4.70

Justin Young  4.63

Gayle Stevens  4.43

Doug Eitelman  4.03

Daniel Koepf  4.03