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From the Connecticut Bridge Association:

UWL Standings September

Governors Cup 2019 Info Here

299 Winners in Stamford

CBA I/N Tournament October 13th in West Hartford, do not miss it

CBA Sectional October 25-27 Wethersfield, CT

Monroe Magnus Race 2019

Unit Wide League Information can now be found in the menu at the top (CBA UWL)

Sectional News

The Sectional schedule for 2019 is now available:

The Autumn Sectional October 25-27 Wethersfield

Special Offer for Non-Members

Play free in your first Sectional. Join the ACBL and get another free play.


Tournament Info

The Kibitzer

The latest Kibitzer for July, 2019 is now available. Check out your favorite correspondents!

For the Archives, click here


The Kibitzer Newsletter

The Kibitzer is the quarterly newsletter of the Connecticut Bridge Association.  It contains interesting articles on a wide variety of bridge-related subjects, as well as the results of Sectional tournaments and special games. We hope you will enjoy the articles and other information contained in it. If you have any comments, or wish to contribute an article, please contact the Kibitzer Editor, Robin Sanders.

Please Note:
The Kibitzer is published in PDF format. To view it you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other PDF reader, such as Foxit) installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.


Sectional, STaC and Unit-wide Game Results

All of these results will be links to the ACBL Live website.  STaC results will also be a direct link to the ACBL.  

Starting in 2018, New England regionals, Connecticut sectionals, and unit-wide games will be stratified based on AVERAGE masterpoints.
Results from our Sectionals will be available on the ACBLLive site by the morning the day after the game. STaCs and special games that are handled through the ACBL will take a little longer. But they should be accessible far faster than before.