♠♥Congratulations to the winners at the CBA Fall Sectional in Orange and thank you to everyone who played and to everyone who pitched in to make it a success!♦♣

Winners and photos from the CBA Fall Sectional in Orange below.



Left to right: Helen Benson, Rosemary Benedict, Bill Segraves, Geof Brod


Left to right: Joe Grue, Gillian Miniter, Sandy DeMartino, Frances Schneider

Left to right: Brett Adler, Jill Marshall, Jeff Goldman, Rob Rebelein


Friday morning Open Pairs - Bill Segraves and Geof Brod

Friday morning 499er Pairs - Leslie Petrick and Sonia Kingshott

Friday afternoon Open Pairs - Rosemary Benedict and Helen Benson

Saturday morning Open Pairs - Joe Grue and Gillian Miniter

Saturday morning 499er Pairs - Zeena Lobo and Noah Hutchinson

Saturday afternoon Open Pairs - Frances Schneider and Sandy DeMartino

Sunday Open Swiss Teams - Rob Rebelein, Jill Marshall, Jeff Goldman, Brett Adler

Full results are available here