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Other Bridge Links
ACBL Home Page
District and Unit Websites
Connecticut Club Directory
ACBL Upcoming Events
ACBL Convention Card Editor

Bridge Pro Articles and Podcasts
Bridge with Larry Cohen - Bridge articles
Eddie Kantar's 52 Bridge Facts
Eddie Kantar's Bridge Tips - Great tips for improving your game
Frank Stewart's Daily Bridge Column
Grant Baze's Rules of Bridge - More great rules for being a better bridge player
Jeff Goldsmith's Home Page - the late Jeff Goldsmith's personal homepage with interesting bridge stuff
Karen Walker's Bridge Library
Rhoda's Rules - Rules and Stories from Rhoda Walsh
Sorry, Partner - a weekly podcast about all things bridge
Steve Robinson Bridge Articles - Great bridge theory for advanced players
The Wit of Edgar Kaplan - Years of famous sayings by Norman Kay's partner

Improve Your Game
Bridge Clues - Site with practice hands for learning
Play Better Bridge - Videos, examples, retreats, etc
Bridge Hand Generator
Bridge Winners - moderated discussion, including Intermediate Forum
Bridge World Magazine
Great Bridge Links
Suitplay - Freeware program that determines optimal play of suit combinations 

World Bridge Federation
Bridge in Great Britain
Bridge Federation of India
Bridgevaria (Netherlands)
Ecats Bridge (European interactive)
Italian Bridge Info

Online Bridge
BridgeBase Online
International Women's On-line Bridge
OK Bridge
Swan Games

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply - Including Frank Stewart's daily bridge column and Vu-Bridge