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Connecticut Bridge Association Top Ten Masterpoint Winners for 2024 as of May 6, 2024

Geof Brod continued his strong start to 2024 with a first and a second in Southbridge. Congratulations to John Stiefel, who notched a second in Southbridge and reached the 25,000 lifetime masterpoint milestone! Connecticut warmly welcomes Bart Bramley and Kitty Cooper to the CBA fold.


Left to right: Geof Brod, Bart Bramley, Tom Joyce, John Stiefel

Left to right: Sandy DeMartino, Bill Segraves, Yeong-Leong Shiue, Laura Twersky


1  Geof Brod  312.02

2  John Stiefel  231.61

3  Bart Bramley  188.92

4  Tom Joyce  178.45

5  Sandy DeMartino  152.09

6 Bill Segraves  136.87

7  Ettore Bianchi  132.61

8  Yeong-Long Shiue  118.65

9  Susan Mayo  116.26

10  Laura Twersky  115.27


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