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From the New England Bridge Association:

New England Bridge is pleased to announce that Sally Kirtley, North Granby resident, has become the Tournament Manager for the New England, District 25, Regional Bridge Tournaments.  Helen Palowsky who has managed District 25 tournaments for the past several years is moving from the area.  The Tournament Manager plans, coordinates, and oversees all logistical aspects of our regional tournaments.

Sally is a seasoned bridge player and director. She is a director at the Hartford Bridge Club and is the Managing Director at the Simsbury Bridge Club. She was chair of volunteer hospitality at the National Bridge tournament in Providence. She is an attorney and volunteers with the Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association.

We congratulate Sally on her new position, wish her well, and look forward to seeing her at the District Regional tournaments.


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Sectional News

Next year's sectional Schedule is now available:

 UPDATE:   199er Sectional,  May 5,           Stamford
Spring Sectional    June 1-3,    Also St. Barbara Church,                 Orange
Summer Sectional  August 17-19  Annuciation  Orthodox Church  Stamford
Autumn Sectional   October 26-28 Keeney Memorial Center,         Wethersfield



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The Kibitzer Newsletter

The Kibitzer is the quarterly newsletter of the Connecticut Bridge Association.  It contains interesting articles on a wide variety of bridge-related subjects, as well as the results of Sectional tournaments and special games. We hope you will enjoy the articles and other information contained in it. If you have any comments, or wish to contribute an article, please contact the Kibitzer Editor, Robin Sanders.

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Sectional, STaC and Unit-wide Game Results

All of these results will be links to the ACBL Live website.  STaC results will also be a direct link to the ACBL.  

Starting in 2018, New England regionals, Connecticut sectionals, and unit-wide games will be stratified based on AVERAGE masterpoints.
Results from our Sectionals will be available on the ACBLLive site by the morning the day after the game. STaCs and special games that are handled through the ACBL will take a little longer. But they should be accessible far faster than before.