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The latest Kibitzer for November 2014 is now available online.  Included in it are columns from our favorite authors.  Click here to read it.

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January and February are busy bridge months in Connecticut and nearby states.    The winter continues with the Knockout Regional right here in Cromwell, CT from February 11 to 16.  February ends with the Connecticut Winter Sectional,  February 27 to March 1.

Looking for something? If it’s about bridge in Connecticut, you can find it here. By pulling down the menus from the headings at the upper left of the home page you can find the locations and times for club games and dates for upcoming Sectional and Regional tournaments. You can find Sectional results and hand records almost as soon as the game is over.

Fast Results at Sectionals

'Fast Results' will be available at our sectionals starting in September, 2014.  Click here to sign up.


Notice:  New age limitations for Senior rated games

The ACBL has decided to call 'senior' anyone over 60. 
However, if you turned 55 before January 1, 2014, you have been grandfathered into the senior class. Note that Connecticut sectional sessions are all 'open', and not senior events.

Welcome Duplicate Newcomers
The November, 2014 issue of the CBA Kibitzer has a list of the ACBL sanctioned newcomer duplicate games in Connecticut with contacts. We hope to see you at one of these games soon. Our goal is for you to increase your enjoyment of bridge, meet new friends, and join the many players in our state whose lives are enriched by this terrific game


We invite you to wander around the site. Click on Achievements and click on the Mini-McKenney or Ace of Clubs link to find out who is achieving what. Click on the top 200 in Connecticut. Maybe you’re one of that bunch. Maybe you’re close. You can also find who from Connecticut were winners at National tournaments.

Enjoy our game! Enjoy and use the CBA web site!

The Kibitzer Newsletter

The Kibitzer is the quarterly newsletter of the Connecticut Bridge Association.  It contains interesting articles on a wide variety of bridge-related subjects, as well as the results of Sectional tournaments and special games. We hope you will enjoy the articles and other information contained in it. If you have any comments, or wish to contribute an article, please contact the Kibitzer Editor, Linda Starr.

Please Note:
The Kibitzer is published in PDF format. To view it you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (or other PDF reader, such as Foxit) installed on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

Sectional, STaC and Unit-wide Game Results

All of these results will be published on this website. It will no longer be necessary to go through Club Game Results on the ACBL site to find out how you (and your competitors) did.  STaC results will be a direct link to the ACBL.
Results from our Sectionals will be available on this site by the morning the day after the game. STaCs and special games that are handled through the ACBL will take a little longer. But they should be accessible far faster than before.