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Conditions of Contest – UWL 2019
League Season: September 1, 2019 – November 30, 2019
Each player must be a member in good standing of the ACBL.
a. Each team shall pay a one-time, per league season, entry fee of $40. League entry fees are in addition
to the normal card/table fees at the club.
b. Each team shall provide an entry form, along with the entry fee, to the League Registrar by the required
c. League Registrar may limit the number of teams per league season at his/her discretion.
a. Each team will consist of 4 players. Individual players may play for only one League team per season. There
may be only one player per team in each of the Masterpoint categories listed below. Masterpoint totals
reported as of June 30, 2019 will be used to determine category eligibility.
b. No team member designated in any category may have more than the maximum number of Masterpoints
listed for such category.
c. Each team member will play with every other team member in pairings as outlined below. The game for
each team pairing may be played at any time and in any order during the league season. No player may play
with the same team member more than twice for league credit.
d. Team pairing games must be played in an Open game, which consists of at least 5 tables in the section, at
any sanctioned CT club. Any limited MP game or Invitational game will not count for credit as a league game.
e. If one team pairing is playing in a game for league credit, no other pairing from the same team NOT playing
for league credit may participate in that game. In other words, multiple pairings from the same team may
play in the same game if, and only if, all team pairings are playing for league credit.


Category Masterpoints
A 1500+
B 500 - 1499
C 200 - 499
D 0 - 199


Team Pairings

f. Club owners/managers participating in the League may not play in a game for league credit at their own
club. No Director participating in the League may play in a game for league credit that they are directing.
g. League participants must notify the League Administrator of their intention to play a game for league credit
BEFORE the start of the game for those game results to be counted for league play. This notification shall be
done through an online form/tool (to be developed) and will include team name, team pairing, player
names, player category designation, date of game, game location, and game time.
h. League participants must notify the Game Director BEFORE the start of a game that the game is for league
i. All games must be played on or before the date mandated by the League. If a particular team pairing has
not taken place in a valid game by the mandatory deadline, that pairing will be scored as zero.
j. If a pairing plays for league credit twice, the highest percentage achieved by that pairing will be used in
calculating the team’s overall average percentage.
k. League results will be provided to participants on a regular basis during the league season.
l. Team with the highest average overall percentage for the six pairings wins.
1st Place – 3 free session entries per team member to a Unit 126 Sectional
2nd Place – 2 free session entries per team member to a Unit 126 Sectional
3rd Place – 1 free session entry per team member to a Unit 126 Sectional
Each free entry will expire one year from the end date of the applicable League season. Lost or misplaced prizes
will not be replaced. At the sole discretion of the League Administrator, the prize structure may vary, per
league season, based on the number of registered teams.
In the event of a tie, the total number of prizes for the applicable places will be divided equally between the
teams. For example, if there is a tie for first, the combined aggregate total prizes for first and second place will
be divided by two and each team will receive a total of 10 free session entries. In the highly unlikely event of a
three-way tie, each team would receive a total of 8.
Vacancies and Replacement Players
If a player vacancy occurs during the League season, the team may submit a request for a replacement player to
the League Registrar. All decisions by the Registrar are final.
Rulings & Appeals
Players may appeal any rulings to the applicable Game/Site Director. All Game/Site Director rulings are final.